Porthleven, Cornwall

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Cornwall, for a long weekend with a friend and her parents who have a house there. At the age of 24, I had never been to Cornwall before so I was quite excited to go.

The only slight downside was the 5 – 6 hours travelling involved in getting there! Due to work commitments my friend and I both got the train down on Saturday morning and came back Tuesday afternoon.

When the train ride was finally complete, we met her parents at the station and they drove us about half an hour to their little house by the sea in Porthleven. Porthleven is a beautiful village right on the coast of Cornwall, famous for its harbour and fishing port, which is the most southernly port in England.

The image above is the view from the window at the top of the house, a stunning scene of the sea. For months prior to this trip my friend had constantly spoken about the food, how much she was going to eat and how good it was in Cornwall! I can safely say it definitely lived up to my expectations! After dropping our bags off, we swiftly went down to the local tea and cake shop.

I won’t bore you with our every movement we made in Porthleven, but we did visit St. Ives, which considering how busy it was, I feel maybe everyone else visited to! We also made a quick stop off at the Minack theatre, an open air theatre which was made above a gully.

After a stressful couple of weeks at work, this kind of holiday was just what I needed. There is something about the sea air that just makes you relax and in essencce chill out. My time spent in Cornwall was definitely made more enjoyable by the beautiful weather we were blessed with. Every day the sun was shining with relatively few clouds. It is true what they say… everything looks better when its sunny.

Porthleven is deffinitely a location I would recommend, especially as a base as it is right in the middle of various attractions and villages that visitors tend to want to visit.

If you have any suggestions of places to visit, or things to do please let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Fran X


5 thoughts on “Porthleven, Cornwall”

      1. I love it, its so interesting, especially your latest post.. I didn’t even know half those brands exsisted! I’ve started writing blogs a few times, when i was younger, but never properly got into it. But this one I only decided to start working on again last week! xxx

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      2. I’m glad you found my post helpful!! A few of those brands are among my favourites!! Especially the hand cream..It is such a summer savior..And, GOOD LUCK with your blog lovely!!!💗


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