Neal’s Yard – Oily & Combination Skincare Kit

A couple of weeks ago, my Mum and I popped into our local Neal’s yard store in town. To my Mum this store is absolute heaven, she is forever putting various oils in her multiple oil diffusers! However, this trip we grazed over to the other side of the store, skincare. I personally had never particularly payed but interest to anything else in the store, bar buying oils for Mum.

After spending a good 10+ minutes looking around the store, I finally walked out with the Neal’s Yard Oily & Combination Skincare Kit.

I am at a time in the year with my skin, where I couldn’t really put a definition on it. After I wash my face first thing in the morning, my face feels very dry. However during the day, with or with out make up on it usually gets quite oily. So I thought I would go for the Combination set, at £15.00.

Included in the pack is:

1. Purifying Palmarosa Facial Wash 25ml

2. Purifying Palmarosa Toner 25ml

3. Purifying Palmarosa Daily Moisturiser 25ml

4. Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier (Sachet)

5. Purifying Palmarosa Facial Mask 15g

1. Facial Wash

Personally, I am one of those people who is always in a rush in the morning, so my skincare routine isn’t exactly great. I either wash my face with lavender/tea tree oil soap and a flannel, or use my garnier micellar water. Both of which are super quick, and neither break me out.

Before using the facial wash, I did remove my makeup as I just personally prefer to do it that way! I made my face slightly damn using warm water, then put a little of the face wash on my hands and rubbed that into my skin. You only need about a pea sized amount of this product as it foams up really nicely on the face. I moisturised that into my skin for about 10-20 seconds, then wiped it off with warm water on a flannel.

My skin was left looking matte, with a slight freshness to it.

2. Toner

With this toner, I simply poured some of the liquid onto a cotton wool pad and wiped it over my face. The product left my skin feeling fresh, quite matt looking, yet definitely ready for some moisturiser as I could feel my skin slightly tightening.

The one thing I loved about all these products is the smell, such a relaxing fragrance, just want you want when you’re pampering yourself.

3. Daily Moisturiser

Personally, moisturiser is just my favourite thing ever! So I had high hopes for this one…. and I was not disappointed. A product like this was just what I needed after the toner. The consistency of the moisturiser allowed it to perfectly melt into my skin which left me with fresh dewy looking complexion. The only downside I would say about this moisturiser is that it is definitely more of a summer than winter consistency. The product itself is quite wet and thin, so a little amount goes along way. However in the winter months, I have been putting another slightly thicker moisturiser on top.

As for the other two products in the set, I haven’t used them yet. I am saving the mattifier for a night out as there are only two samples, and the mask I honestly have to had time to try yet!

& so comes the end.

Thank you for reading, please let me know if you have any skin care favourites, or anything else you would like me to review.

Fran. X


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