Es Cana, Ibiza

On June 24th 2016, my boyfriend and I flew out to Es Cana, Ibiza (Eivissa).

Neither as us had been to Ibiza before and we were definitely going with an open mind, despite what most people think of Ibiza; rowdy, drinking, parties, youths… However, I had also heard that the island was beautiful, sunny, elegant, historic… everything you would want from an idyllic holiday.


We arrived around 11am ish and enjoyed a very smooth bag collection and hop on the coach (we travelled with Thomas Cook). Only issue with the early morning travel is predominantly the lunch time travel at the other end. The coach was definitely lacking in any form of air conditioning, or any for that matter… needless to say everyone was struggling! Once we arrived at the hotel, we we’re pleasantly surprised by our room… size, cleanliness, location = perfect.  

During our time in Ibiza we did the usually, sitting by the pool with a drink, swimming, tanning, reading, drinking, walking, sight seeing… and so on… 

I can honestly say I was amazed at the vibe, even in the middle of Ibiza town during the day, you really wouldn’t think it was the centre of wild nightlife. The marina (Marina Botafoch) is an absolute must see, the yachts are what can only be described as, insane. I’m pretty sure I could happily live on any of them, in fact some even had champagne chilling…. As if they knew I was there! 


The hotel we stayed at was called the Azuline hotel Atlantic, – which we soon realised most people referred to as ‘Atlantic’, as Azuline hotels are a chain of hotels in Ibiza and I believe other countries too. We had a lovely view of the pool from our balcony, and a slight glimpse of the sea if you turned your head far enough to the left!

On our penultimate day, we went on the ‘glass bottom boat’ – title says it all… This was just a little trip around the north east side of Ibiza, where you had views of the beautiful blue sea and the million pound houses on land. You could also see the fish floating past under the boat and we made a quick stop hovering over a shipwreck. To be honest, I was quite glad when the hour was over… the sea sickness was about to hit.


It was then time to say goodbye – always a sad time in life, leaving your summer holiday that you have waited months for. But we just have to get over these things… and plan next years!

Fran. X


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