V Festival 2016

Better late than never…

Sunday 21st August, my friend & I… boyfriends in tow… went to Vfest for the day, headliners being Rihanna and David Guetta. Safe to say we arrived pretty early (keen beans to avoid the traffic) so we were probably waiting for 45 mins ish before anyone was allowed through the main gates.


After this faff, we were in.

Fortunately the weather was glorious (although looking slightly not glorious in the photo), unfortunately we all got sun burnt… so is the way of life.

We mooched about for a bit looking at the stalls… and stupidly thought there were more toilets this year… later to find out we were very wrong. I think the first act we saw were Sigala, very enjoyable I have to say, I do love a good sing-a-long. Now we did debate food for quite some time as it is prettttttty pricey everywhere at the festival – (we decided to hold our hunger for another few acts). Lethal Bizzle was up next, then we ventured to the main stage to see the last of All Saints – my 8 year old self was in her element.


By this time I’m pretty sure the others had downed a chicken burger and chips each, so we were ready for Example. The crowd was getting pretty big by this point – everyone getting in place for Ri Ri. Apart from the slight dip in the middle of the set, Example whipped out all his classic tunes at the end – which I loved. We then all got slightly separated after this set, but knew there was no point trying to find each other so we all just watched Years & Years from various angles! I am a massive Years & Years fan – got their album from ol’Santa, so I was pretty ready for their set – knew every lyric. Luckily, I was not disappointed – I had a glorious time watching them, really good entertainers and singers.

Now, time becomes a lil blurry at this point… not due to alcohol – if only. Somehow I got the biggest migraine and had to go sit down somewhere “quiet” before the end of the Years and Years set. I just remember leaning over and covering my eyes for a while. A lot of other people were doing this – but for very different reasons… although atleast I didn’t look like a complete weirdo.


Feeling slightly better, I sucked it up and went to watch Little Mix, another band I am a huge fan of. Due to the mammoth amount of people who went on the Sunday, we weren’t as close as I would have liked. On the other hand I was pretty happy to not be stuck in hordes of people – considering my head felt like it was going to explode. Little Mix were wonderful as usual, I just love them.


& finally, David Guetta took to the stage. A glorious glorious man, with a gift for a tune. I love a good dance and sing – a – long to any of David Guetta’s hits, so I was pretty much in my element again during his set.

We cba’d with RiRi & it started raining… so we all went home…not before a quick stop for a wee & some tea (classic English).

Hope you enjoyed,

Fran X


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