Change is a funny thing, it will always/has always happened no matter what you try to do to prevent, yet it is still something I am not a 100% comfortable with.

Recently a few quite major elements of my life have changed, each bringing with them their own pros, cons and general mixture of emotions! The main change has been flying the nest, my lovely home with Mum and Dad and moving in with the boyfriend. Ironically, I went into the moving situation quite calmly, on the whim that I had moved out when I went to University so, “how different could it be?!”… How wrong I was!

Dan and I had been speaking about moving out for what felt like forever, however when the time actually came I freaked out that it was all too soon! We had agreed earlier in the year that we definitely still needed to save, so put off the thought of moving out until early 2017… or so we thought. About the beginning of June my mouthy little self was at work talking about potentially moving nearer to where I work, which is when my work colleague said she was moving out and we could look at it that night…. essentially where the big bubble that is moving out began! The time between viewing the house and agreeing to sign for it was a very weird mix of emotions. I was nervous beyond belief, mainly freaking out about money and if we could afford it, whether we were ready to live together and whether I was even ready to move out. (If you’re getting the image that I’m a little home bird… you’d be completely correct.)

However time flew by and within a month of viewing the house, agreeing to it, paying the ridiculous fees, we flew back from Ibiza and picked up the keys straight from the airport. And that was that… we were officially renting our own little place together…. Scary and exciting.

I can safely say, looking back now over the past 2 months of living there, it took me a while to settle in… when I say a while I mean at least a month. I cried A LOT, for various reasons, a big one was stress from work, but the ultimate reason was probably the thought that my home since I was a baby, isn’t my home anymore. No more waking up to the dogs and little home comforts. I’m independent now with my own house, bills & life to worry about. It was definitely a process for me, but I think I may have finally got there, back into a routine and a sense of normality.

I just wanted to write this post for anyone else is that position… whether to move out or not. I would say if you have the money and can definitely afford it go for it. It’s a lot more freedom. And don’t worry if you feel like you’ve made the wrong choice, it’s only natural to be scared of change. You just have to push through & know it’ll be okay.

Fran. X


4 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Love this! I’m exactly the same only just moved out, we looked at a house out of curiously and within a month we had the keys and 2 weeks later we got a puppy! It’s so hard and emotional but so worth it :)! X

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      1. She’s a Border Collie! She’s beautiful but can also be an absolute nightmare haha! Aww how cute! Bet you wish you were back at home so you can have constant puppy cuddles! X


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