Ray Ban Erikas

Ray Ban – Erika’s

Now, I do not by any means have a vast sunglasses collection… most of mine tend to fall apart when the little screw falls out the side and I’m left with 1 armed glasses. (ideal) 

So walking around Ibiza airport duty free made me make a spontaneous… and annoyingly not cheap purchase. (Emphasise the word made – they made me do it!) I whipped out the plastic and got myself a pair of Ray Ban Erika’s. Now, although this was an impulsive buy, there were reasons behind it; 1. I have bigger pupils than average so my eyes take in double the brightness 2. Nothing against primark sunglasses – I just feel like they weren’t protective enough… and they were kinda tight.


At the time I was slightly annoyed that I got them at the end of my holiday and not the beginning, however the weather has been pretty glorious recently, and I did go to France about 3 weeks after so I’ve definitely got good use from them.


I got the tortoise shell rims with grey mirror lenses, and I’m in love with them. They are super comfy and lightweight, I forget I’m wearing them at times! I cannot express enough love for these glasses, the fit is perfect, as is the look, they add a lil bit of effortless sophistication to any outfit.


Fran, X


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