L’oreal Super Infinity Black Liquid Liner

Ever since I went through my very lovely ‘emo’ stage in about Year 9… what’s that? 13/14 years old? I have loved eyeliner…although now I wear slightly less than I did then… thank goodness. I find there is something so elegant about a little liner, whether it be tight lining on the upper or lower lash line, a cat flick or a smudged under eye look. Whatever you’re trying to achieve it will always add an extra something to your look.


Currently, my go to eyeliner is the L’oreal Super Infinity Black Liquid Liner. Now, don’t click away because it says liquid! This eyeliner is a beautiful consistency, effortlessly lines the eyes with a solid deep black colouring that dries almost instantly on the eye while not budging all day. This was not the case with my old eyeliners as I would find by the end of the day that I had black lines half way down my face where it had just smudged and melted off… an awful look…but not this bad boy! Stays on there like a good’n.


Personally, I feel this is a very underrated yet quality eyeliner. Drugstore brands in general have massively overhauled their makeup excellence with some amazing products on the market, including this eyeliner. Also high end brands have dozens of luxurious eye liners on the market, each as good, if not better than the next. However, for at least half or not more of the price you can get the L’oreal liner which to me is just as good.

Let me know your thoughts,

Fran X


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