Fitober Day #1 – I’m Ready

Soooo, here we go….

Basically, I really want to start trying to get ‘fit’. I know a million people say this and this is probably completely the wrong time of year to start… but ya know its blogtober so why not just go for it. – whats the worst that can happen.

Lil background – I like to think I’m pretty active… I do netball twice a week, gym twice or 3 times a week, and walk for atleast half hour everyday. But these thighs of mine will just not slim down – no matter how much I think I’m trying.  Although saying I’m ‘pretty’ active, I do struggle terribly with walking up the stairs without getting out of breathe… its a problem, lemme tell ya that.

I’m planning on posting everyday this month, mainly because if I know I have to write a post to you guys about how my days gone, I feel like I’ll have to do a good job at this & not cave (thats the plan anyway).

I think my biggest issue is exercising as punishment for eating badly – must get out of that… its real bad. I just need to not eat it! But sometimes I just can not get that into my head. I feel like I know what I need to do to get fit, it’s just actually doing it I struggle with.

But I’m gunna do this.


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