Fitober Day #2

& we’re off!


So today I took a pen and paper to the gym to write down everything I did. I think/hope this will motivate me to try harder and push myself. I was in the gym for about an hour, did half hour cardio & half hour weights & mat stuff. Now, I’m going to walk round the shops & probably go for a lil walk round the duck pond later as it’s sunny.


I had porridge for breaky (if you would like to know how I make my porridge/what I put on it let me know in the comments) & a cuppa (of course). I then had left of pasta bake for lunch (potentially not ideal – but i can’t waste food!) and I’m about to dig into a banana and go and do some shopping. When I get back I’m pretty predictable in the sense that I’m confident I’ll have a cup of green tea, then I’m cooking a banging’ roast for dinner – it’s a Sunday after all.

I’ll be back tomorrow for another instalment so make sure you follow 🙂

Fran, X




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