Fitober Day # 3

Well, it was cold this morning wasn’t it!? Definitely into the autumnal season now.

So today..

I went for a half hour walk before work, just to get my metabolism going and wake me up a little. I then got to work and had porridge for breakfast, which I then finished at 11am tea break (eyes are always bigger than my stomach in the morning/all the time)… where I ofcourse had a big cup of tea.

On my lunch break I went for another walk for about half an hour and came back to eat, quinoa, veg and chicken… and a apple for pud. Time whizzed round to 4pm tea break and I had some carrots & houmous, again with a big ol’ cuppa, which lead to HOME TIME @ 5… my fave.

So off I popped home, whacked my gym gear on and went on our little exercise bike at home for about 20 mins, until Dan got home so we could go to the gym. At the gym (which unfortunately was rammed) I focused on legs, doing all the related weight machines, lunges, squats & 20 mins more cardio on the cross trainer.

& hurrah, I’m home… had a quick shower & then started cooking a dinner of sweet potato, fish cakes & veg.

And that is my day done!

Fran, X


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