Primark Haul

So recently I just had an urge to go to Primark… just happens sometimes y’know.

Off I popped to my local Primark, and about an hour later… out I popped.

I have photographed most items for you, the only other item I purchased were tights – just plain black 80 denier tights, ready for the winter months!

The first piece that caught my eye was this slack style grey blazer/coat.


I have seen copious people wearing a similar style jacket and really liked the look, so I was pretty chuffed to find a similar one in Primark. Personally I am really happy with the quality of it, it’s not the thickest jacket in the world.. I could definitely envisage myself wearing this more as a throw over at work/jacket on a night out rather than a winter jacket piece. The length is perfect for me, just covers my bum… there are just times when every girl wants to cover up a lil. I tend to roll the sleeves up on mine, just to add a little something extra, but all in all I am very pleased with this. This was £14 or £13.

Next, I purchased this black jumper.


I feel like for a while now I have been wearing jeans or skirts etc and wanted to reach for a black jumper that I just didn’t own… so now I do. The material is super soft, perfect length and perfect size… (I love a baggy jumper). This was £7.

Continuing with the jumper theme I also got a little stripy number.


Now, I already own two jumpers exactly the same style as this and I wear them all the time… so I saw this and thought one more won’t hurt. Its a slightly thinner material to the other two but a great transitional piece into autumn with some dark jeans and ankle boots – dream. This was £7.

Again with the stripes…


A stripy t-shirt is always a good piece to have in your wardrobe, this material again is super soft and quite loose fitting but sheer enough to give the outline of body – quite flattering. This was £5.

I just can’t go into Primark and not look at the accessories.


Originally I was on the hunt for a black scarf, however I saw this white and black houndstooth print one and thought, near enough. It’s beautifully soft, and so long I could use it as a wrap around as well as a scarf – (love a multipurpose item). This was £4.



I was just glimpsing the sale rack and saw this gym top… for £1…a bargain I could not refuse. I actually love Primark’s fitness range, it washes really well, keeps its shape & is super affordable.

I hope you enough this post,

Fran, X


11 thoughts on “Primark Haul”

  1. I love Primark, I can never leave without buying something…or somethings aha! And their gym stuff is actually so good if you’re just casually working out, and so cheap! Great post lovely xx

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  2. We fairly recently got a Primark over here in Boston and I’m in love!!! It doesn’t help that H&M and Forever 21 are right next door but Primark just does it for me!

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