Fitober Day # 4

Another day, another dollar.

I was way to into ma twitter last night, so went to sleep a lil too late. Hence, I woke up pretty groggy this morning… got changed (put my top and my socks on inside out..- winning) & made my porridge. I posted a photo of this on my instagram (@fran_page) I basically popped some raisins, cacao powder, flaked coconut and hemp powder on it.

I then went for my routine (only for a Monday & Tuesday as I start work earlier these two days) 30 min walk around the duck pond and off to work. Where I sat and thought about blogging all the time really!

I had my lunch break a little earlier today, so I went for a half hour walk, then popped into the shops to grab some chicken for tea and browse the make up counters…its compulsory when you have spare time. When I eventually got back to the office, I again served up quinoa, chicken & veg (I batch make it at the start of the week) and had an apple for pudding.. followed by some carrots and homous because I’m just always hungry, I paired this with a cuppa.

4pm tea break came around and again I delved into some more carrots & houmous, and the rest of my porridge from brekkie (I did heat it up/I made too much this morning) with a cuppa.


I did a 15km cycle on the exercise bike, which took about 25 mins, I then did some push ups, sit ups, leg kicks etc… basically did some work on my abs. After chilling out for 5, I whacked dinner on… chicken and broccoli stir fry with rice… an absolute dream if I may say so myself.

& that is the day done.

Fran, X


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