Favourite Skincare: Amie Skincare

I just can not express my love for this brand (Amie) enough – it’s the bomb.

Genuinely, my whole skin care routine is now based around this brand since I discovered their products…


Firstly we’re talking about the Exfoliating Polish… honestly when you squeeze it out the tube its like a tooti frooti sweet. The scent is beyond amazing…imagine a load of sweets smothered on your face. Obviously it is a lot better for your skin than sweets! The consistency is thick and foamy, with little exfoliating balls in it. When I  washed it off, my skin was left refreshed, clear and glowing – ready for the day ahead. I tend to use this twice a week, while using the Amie Purifying Facial Wash in between.


Now, when it comes to make up remover, I always go for the Garnier Micellar Water, however I loved Amie so much that I thought I would give their product a go…. I can honestly say I will never look back. The Amie Gently Cleansing Micellar Water, again has the most beautiful scent – amazing. Personally I feel like this Micellar Water is better for my skin, as it takes the make up off quicker, so I’m not constantly rubbing at my face. It also removes my mascara a lot better –  ideal if you don’t want to wake up looking like a panda in the mornings.

I have written a blog post previously about this brand, but I just love the whole back story as to why they created the brand and the real family emphasis behind it. Their customer service is amazing, and places that stock this brand eg. Waitose usually have really good deals on for these products. I think Amie is a very underated and under exposed skincare company for how amazing the products are, and their value for money.

My next stop is to try the Morning Light Daily Hydrating Moisturiser – because I love a good moisturiser, and the Amie make up wipes – make up wipes are just super handy & I bet they smell devine..

Again, there is no animal testing or parabens in any of these products & you should all definitely try them out.

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products.

Fran, X


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