Fitober Day #5

Today was slightly different, I didn’t start work til 9, so I took to opportunity to have a leisurely walk to the Post Office at 8am to pick up my parcel. Which took no time at all… thank you Royal Mail so I then walked back home and had brekkie. – porridge as always (MY FAVE).

Then it was definitely time to head to work, where before I could blink, around came tea break where I had a banana. There was an event on at work today so I got volunteered to go and buy everyone lunch – dream, resulting in me having an m&s sandwich (chicken & stuffing) and an apple for lunch. I teamed this with a big old walk round town.

4pm swung by and again I had leftovers of my breakfast with a cuppa… having to wait till 6 for hometime, when you usually finish at 5 is so annoying. I didn’t really know what to do with myself!!

Off I popped home, and basically made a mash up of rice, veg and ham – essentially whatever left overs/frozen items we had. I went for quite a light dinner tonight as I am about to go off and play netball for an hour and a half… preferably I don’t want to be vomming half way through the game!

& that is all…

Fran, X


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