Fitober Day #6

I have a couple of confessions to make…

  1. I didn’t go to Netball last night – I just was not in the head space to run around a court, my head was banging & my ankles a bit dodge. – I did however do a 15km cycle on the exercise bike & some pushups/situps etc. All while watching Rob&Chyna – the joys.
  2. I actually ate left over from lunch the day before quinoa and chicken for dinner, with extra salad as there really was not much left! – Unfortunately this really did not fill me up so I ended up having two pieces of toast as well … whoops.

& so we move with another day!

I work in London on Thursdays & Fridays, so I have to get the train @ 6:44 to get to work for about 8:10 (should be 8 – but that’s never going to happen). This ever so slightly cocks up my eating plans – there is no way I can get on the train and not have eaten something… there is also no way I could eat brekkie at 6:20am and stay full till 11/12ish – girlll, I like my food too much for that. So, I usually have a small bowl of bran flakes at about 6:20 before I get the train, then once I’m at the office I have a bowl of porridge about 9am… which carries my through to lunchtime nicely – with the odd cup of green tea here & there. The office is about 15/20 min walk from Waterloo so that’s a nice little walk to wake me up after the long train ride…which I really cannot do anything on bar sleep & listen to music because I get horrifically travel sick.

So here I have another confession… my work colleague is super good at cooking and made a lemon drizzle cake for the office which I just could not resist! I don’t feel guilty because it was beautiful! I’ve been pretty good the rest of the week considering, Monday there were doughnuts at tea break, Tuesday biscuits and Wednesday cake. So today (Thursday) is the first day I’ve had anything like that!

Woohoo, lunchtime – today I had a really nice lunch actually… pretty much the same as I’ve had the past few days, quinoa, chicken, loads of vegs, with an extra helping of chorizo (we had some left in the fridge – so I thought why the hell not, whack it in there). As you might be able to tell I batch make my lunch, I make Mon, Tues, Wed on a Sunday… I usually just make a big old salad with quinoa – you’ll notice it getting very repetitive…ma bad – creature of habit and all. I then try on a Wednesday or Tuesday night to make lunch for Thurs & Fri – sometimes it happens- sometimes I’m just left with some bread & marmite! I went for my standard half hour walk at lunch finished off lunch with an apple as always… & was ready for the afternoon.

When I work in the London Office I get to finish at 4 – pardyyy. Hence I usually just finish off my porridge or eat a banana before walking very swiftly to catch the train home. Today I ate the rest of my porridge.

Once I got home (finally) I changed into my gym clothes & popped a jacket potato in the microwave. While this was cooking I went on the exercise bike and did a 10km cycle. I then made a quick salad, grated a little bit of cheese to pop on top the potato & I was ready for dinner.

Then it was time for Netball (I actually went tonight) I enjoy Thursday night netball a lot more than Wednesdays. Again, this was for an hour and a half… I then swiftly walked home & am about to go to bed!

Fran, X


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