Fitober Day #7

Another trip to London today, so I started off with a lil bowl of bran flakes… followed by a bowl of porridge & a cuppa after my 20 min walk to the office. Today I had to venture across the Thames to Canon Street station’s Argos to pick up a kettle… all extra exercise & the scenic route over the Thames is nothing to moan about! – although it was drizzling…not ideal.

Lunch could not come quick enough, I was starving! I went for a half hour walk along the Southbank, then dug in to my predictable quinoa, chicken, veg and chorizo mish mash, followed by an apple! I then got sent to the post office… so another little walk… always good – my feet were aching a lil though. Before I knew it, it was time to make everyone tea, where of course I finished off my porridge from brekkie!

Once I got home Dan and I went straight to do the food shop (I just like to get it over with really), then got back popped dinner in the oven… we went for the good old sausage & mash & veg combo. This was paired with a bottle of water and Great British Bake Off – heaven. 

*soooo….we went food shopping & maybe added fruit strudel & custard to the trolley!whoopsie.

**8.20 miles walked today 🙂

Tomorrow will hopefully be less repetitive, but probably more unhealthy!

Fran, X


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