Fitober Day #8


So today I got up around 8ish, had my porridge & a cuppa as usual, faffed around the house doing some tidying & went on the exercise bike for 15km. – the post workout euphoria for actually doing some form of exercise on a Saturday was the bomb.

I took a lil pottle into town after this, browsed the shops… then drove home to my parents house to go out for lunch with my Mum. We went to this local farm shoppy place, which we both love where I had the salmon fishcakes with salad.

When we got home I ran myself a nice bath – there is nowhere else i’d rather have a bath than at my parents…its just so homey. The only think I ever use in my bath is the Radox Sleep Easy Bath Soap… I can not express how much I love this stuff & how many stressful times it has got me through!

I had an orange & a cup of tea as a lil afternoon snack… and walked the dogs around the village. You’ve probably got the gist now that I’m such a homey person! I love walking round the village I was brought up in, walking the dogs/just generally hugging/pestering them constantly and being with Mum and Dad. One of our dogs is expecting puppies next week which is uber exciting – you’ll know when they arrive because all my social media will be full of pictures of them for weeks.

For dinner, we had a bit of a cheat night and had a pizza each, I went for the chicken and chorizo sour dough pizza – but there was no way I was going to finish it all. (I only ate half – I really need child’s portions when I go out…eyes are always bigger than my stomach).

Fran, X


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