Fitober Day #9

Ahhh sweet sweet Sunday!

Sooo I had my usual porridge and a cuppa while watching Victoria – I’ve gotten real into that show.

So I wanted to go to the gym but it took Dan aggeeessss to get up, so I did 20km on the exercise bike while watching Eastenders! (My guilty pleasure) We then actually went to the gym… where we mainly worked on biceps/triceps and I did a bit of mat work, eg. plank, sit ups, push ups etc.

First thing I did when we got home was make scrambled eggs on toast, with a big ol’helping of spinach. Followed by an apple dipped in peanut butter… dreamy. We didn’t really do much in the afternoon… tidied the house, hoovered, went for a walk, I caught up on blogging bits……

Couldn’t go the whole afternoon of course with having a cup of green tea – just love that stuff.

For dinner I cooked chili with rice, it was delicious lemme tell ya that. Now, another treat which I probably shouldn’t have had… we got given a coffee machine when we first moved into our house, but we never used it because the descaler light kept coming on even though we’d descaled it. Anyway I got this working last night, so tonight we had an Oreo Hot Chocolate each from the pods we were given – again it was pretty awesome.

& thats all folks…

Fran, X


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