Fitober Day #10

Another week….

Pretty much the same as last week! Went for a walk round the duck pond on the way to work… Then went straight for my porridge and a cuppa. After listening to a lot of music whilst trying to get my work done, it was 11am aka tea break time. I had a banana and a cuppa.

Lunch – I went for my usual half hour walk, this time to the doctors surgery to hand in my prescription. I then came back and had chicken, quinoa and veg… Followed by an apple!

4pm came around where I ate the rest of my porridge with a cuppa, then it was home time! I got changed and went straight on the exercise bike, I changed it up a bit tonight and did a HITT workout on it, aka 20 secs high tension, 40 secs low tension. Was actually quite though, and I did it for 15km.

When we had both showered dinner was chicken korma, rice and some veg, with an addition of naan bread – not the healthiest option at all… But I love it so much!

Fran, X


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