Fitober Day #11

Another Tuesday, another walk round the duck pond & off to work to indulge in creamy porridge! Followed by a banana at tea break.

There was an event on at work today again, so I had to go out and buy lunch for everyone from m&s. I completely forgot that I wouldn’t be able to use the kitchen during lunch because of the event, hence I went and got myself a tuna & cucumber sandwich & some grapes! Which were actually quite enjoyable. After this I of course went for a half hour walk – I just love walking…and ate my apple.

4pm tea break came round again which meant leftover porridge and tea time! Always yummy.

When I got home I went straight on the exercise bike and whacked out another hit session for 15km.

Dinner tonight was pasta with sauce and a heap of veg for me, and pie for Dan.


Fran, X


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