Fitober Day #12

I started work at 9 today, so my plan was to get up at 7:15 and go on the exercise bike.

I got up, popped my gym clothes on.. whacked out some sit ups, lunges, squats… then immediately felt very sick! I’ve felt sick in the morning within about 10 mins of waking up ever since I can remember (so no, I’m not pregnant!) it is really annoying though, because I would rather eat after the exercise! Anyway, I pulled through and managed 5km on the bike – not as much as I wanted to do but hey ho. As I was about to get changed for the day & make brekkie, the window painter turned up – which turned into a 10 min convo I really didn’t have time for! I eventually made some porridge & a cuppa and sat down to watch eastenders… then it was time for work.

At 11am tea break I had a banana and a cuppa, followed by a half hour walk at lunch time. I then had a bit of a mare with lunch. I figured I would save what I had already made to take to London for tomorrow & Friday’s lunch… so today I ended up with a mug shot thingy, and some bread! with an apple ofcourse!

4pm tea break came round… I ate some of my porridge, then finished the rest about 5. When I got home I did another 5km on the bike… felt guilty for not getting much done this morning! Then for tea I had the rest of last night’s dinner.. pasta, sauce and veg.

Fran, X



2 thoughts on “Fitober Day #12”

  1. so weird, on monday same thing happened to me- i woke up and about 10-15 min in of getting ready I felt so sick….also not pregnant(; I slept it off all day and since then I’ve been fine. whew!

    xo, JJ

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