Fitober Day #13

& we’re off to London. with a cold 😦

So, again I have a little bowl of bran flakes at about 6:20am, to keep me going on the train, followed by a big old bowl of porridge when I get to work. At about 9 I delved in for a cup of green tea… we get fancy teas in the London office, in my normal office we just get plain tea!

At 11am tea break I just had a cup of tea, wasn’t too hungry today… unusual seeing as im always hungry.. (hands up if ya with me).

The glory that is lunch time rolled around at 12 so I went for a mooch over to St Paul’s (mainly to the shops there because they are great). Followed by chicken, quinoa & veg..again.. & of course an apple & a cuppa.

Because I get to go home at 4 in London, I finished off my porridge around 3:30, made everyone tea, then did an intense walk/run to waterloo station!

Finally home, & feeling like poop I had some soup & toast & a cuppa.

& then bed.

Fran, X


3 thoughts on “Fitober Day #13”

  1. Okay you can’t judge buttt I must ask because I always see that you post about it, what exactly is “cuppa”? Perhaps its a silly question!

    xo, JJ

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