Fitober Day # 14


I’ve got a cold 😦

I was off work sick today, but I couldn’t sleep so I was up pretty early, popped the washing on and dug into some porridge & a cuppa.

My dog has just had 2 puppies last night, unfortunately she was supposed to have 5 but the birth was complicated and she had to have an operation to save her life, let alone any puppies. So we are blessed to have a healthy Mum and two puppies at the moment. I had the day off work because I was sick so I came home to my parents, mainly to see the puppies & sleep.

Safe to say, my diet/exercise went completely out of the window today. I had some choccy buttons when I got home & another cup of tea, then an orange and some water. Followed by feeding the puppies/generally staring at them!

Dad came home with a bacon and egg sandwich for me – winning, with brown sauce 🙂 then i went for a big ol’snooze. Which latest about an hour after I’d finished faffing about on social media, until the dog woke me up because he wanted attention.

Whenever I am ill I LOVE a bath. So I helped myself to some lavender bath jazz, and hopped in for a soak – which was beaut.

After I came round from my bubbly heaven I had a cuppa & a brunch bar, then I went home & did the food shop – such fun. DINNER TIME: fajitas with pork and salad and cheese, followed by a hot choccy. 😀

& bed – with a blocked nose – horrendous.

Fran, X


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