Fitober Day #15

I still feel gross.

When I woke up from my slump of illness I had my usual porridge and a cuppa, and a multivitamin!

I then came home to my parents house 1. Because there is more food there and 2. The puppies are there 😀

I had some soup and toast for lunch and an apple and some melon – I bloomin love melon. Then I had another cuppa, and watched Kardashians/Total Divas.

I took my dog for a walk, because I absolute love him & needed some fresh air, followed up my some bread smothered with butter and jam!

Dinner consisted of ma fave ‘when I’m ill’ kinda meal. Cheese and potato pie with ham on top…. yummmmyyyy 😀 and apple pie for pud with custard :).


Fran, X


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