Fitober Day #16

Sunday, funday. Or not so much because I’m still suffering with this stupid cold!

I still had ma fave porridge and a cuppa, couldn’t finish it all though today. I swear they say ‘feed a cold, starve a fever’ – and trust me usually I am all over that when I have a cold lolz. But this time round I’m just not feeling like eating loads & loads. I had another bath… just can’t resist when I’m at home!

For lunch, I had an egg sandwich, because that’s pretty much all mum & dad have in the house atm… they have puppies to be worrying about. I had an orange too, because I love em.

In the afternoon I had a cuppa and a brunch bar – because mum hauds them like noones business!

When I eventually got make to my house… real sad 😦 didn’t want to leave the puppies! I popped the washing on, then made up a chicken and bacon risotto, and chucked in any vegetables we had lying about! – it was delicious if I may say so myself!


Fran, X


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