Puppy Stories Week #1

SOOOOOOOO, if you haven’t seen over all my social media, my dog aka my princess, gave birth to two puppies on Thursday night, one boy (Leo/Leonardo) and one girl (Lucky Lily).


Now, the birth was slightly complicated… Lexi had to have a caesarian and the doctor said he was doing this operation ‘to save the Mum’s life not necessarily the puppies’. So at this point we were all a bit scared of the outcome, of course our top priority was Lexi. Eventually through the caesarian Lexi gave birth to 5 puppies, 3 of which were quite big & had a heartbeat but just wouldn’t breathe by themselves. The vets tried for 3 hours to get them breathing but it just wasn’t happening… so unfortunately & very sadly, they passed away.

Lexi, had to have another operation then as she was bleeding to much and they thought she might haemorrhage. This operation was to spay her, aka she can not have any more puppies. The two puppies we were left with weren’t exactly fighting fit, but we’ve been caring for them and bottle feeding them, as Lexi really was not keen on them to begin with. I think she didn’t realise they are her puppies, she was under anaesthetic  for the birth so she pretty much has no clue where they came from & didn’t see them being born.


Almost 64 hours later, Lexi is doing a lot better and is showing more interest in the puppies… & I’m pleased to say at the moment the puppies are doing well. Although, its still going to be tough just trying to get them through the next two weeks… fingers crossed.

I love them.

Fran, X


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