Fitober Day #17

& we’re back at work 😦

How was everyone’s weekends? I won’t bore you with mine… because you’ve already read about it πŸ˜‰

I still felt pretty grim this morning, so I didn’t do my half hour walk before work… I just went straight there & ate a lil bit of porridge with a cup of tea. Again my appetite isn’t as great as it usually is still.

At 11am break I had a banana and another tea. – trying to keep my fluids up. I was thinking the other day I never include in this what I drink other than tea. I drink atleast two litres of water a day I just always forget to include it! I usually drink a big glass/500ml bottle of water before work, then while at work I have a 500ml bottle I just refill during the day.

I went for a walk on my lunch break, probably not as active a walk as usual, but a walk nonetheless! Lunch again was quinoa, chicken and veg – not so appealing when you have a cold – I just want to eat bread & lots of it! This was followed by an apple & a lemsip.

At 4 I tried to eat some more porridge and had some more tea… ofcourse.

When I got home, I made pasta bake – with leek & bacon, was pretty scrummy actually. Then Dan & I sat down to watch Psych – I freakin’ love this show. Its an American comedy police psychic series.

(I bought some nesquik hot choccy and squirty cream on ma way home πŸ˜€ pudding!)

& bed.

Fran, X


6 thoughts on “Fitober Day #17”

  1. I wish I was motivated like you to go on walks throughout my break. Although sometimes my coworker and I will shop a little on our breaks, I guess that counts as a little bit of activity(:

    xo, JJ

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