Fitness Clothing Haul: USA Pro

When I’ve got my sports mojo, I don’t actually mind going to the gym (hard to believe I know). I also love to play Netball twice a week and go on the exercise bike we have at home/generally watch a load of HITT videos… mainly this lady: Lucy Wyndham-Read (i love her videos).

Soooo if I’m going to continue doing all this sport… I need to look the part ish. I’m a big fan of just oversized old t-shirts and leggings! But I splashed out on the Sports Direct website – mainly cause I know what size I am with all the USA Pro pieces.

I love watching fitness wear clothing hauls, they are my fave. Unfortunately I can not afford the expensive brands/find it not necessary to spend that much on fitness wear when you can get such good pieces for half the price!

Without further a do…

I got some leggings…


These are beaut if I must say so myself, (slightly blurred…apologies) they are beyond comfortable – I just want to live in them. I really like the patten on these aswell, they are my first ‘colourful’ pair of gym leggings… my others are just black and navy. You want to know the biggest plus of these: THEY DON’T FALL DOWN!!! It is my pet peeve when leggings won’t stay up, I hate being on the running machine and having to keep pulling up ma leggings! Super annoying! These don’t do that though – I love them for that.

Two tops:


Now, being honest I got these because they were about £4.25 each… I just can’t resist a bargain! I love these actually, super loose, comfy, soft and you don’t die from sweat when wearing them! They also let you show off ya fancy gym bras – winner.

Three Bras


I’ll admit, I went a bit mad with the patterns/pop of colour situation – but again they are just super comfy and so cheap! I love love love them. Personally, I find them really supportive… although I really don’t have the biggest of boobs… so for the big breasted of you ladies out there I’m not sure how the support would be.

Just got to start using them more now!

Let me know your fave sports pieces.

Fran, X


14 thoughts on “Fitness Clothing Haul: USA Pro”

  1. Hi! I agree, you can’t work out without looking the part! 😉 I actually have two tops like those ones, in light blue and purple (pink?) and I love them too! Sports Direct is always a hit, have you tried the sports section at TKMaxx??

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