Fitober Day # 19

Pretty sure my cold has got worse again today… can that happen?!

I did my lil pootle round the duck pond, then I made an emergency stop at sainsburys before work for some cold and flu tablets! I accompanied my porridge this morning with some hot water and lemon, anything to get rid of this illness! Its more my throat that is killing now.

At 11am tea break I had a banana and a cuppa, then went for my lunch time walk/to sainsburys to buy some milk for home! This was followed by quinoa, chicken and veg along with a lovely apple…. ofcourse, and I snacked on a carrot!

4pm came around and I had another cup of tea and the rest of my porridge.. I really need to eat less porridge. Its just so cheap! I then went home and did a HITT workout on the exercise bike for 10km, and some sit ups, lunges, press ups… haven’t done much exercise since last week!

For dinner we had fishcakes, mash and veg (with copious amounts of salad cream – I bloomin’ love that stuff).

Fran, X



4 thoughts on “Fitober Day # 19”

  1. thats the worst, one day you’re feeling like your on the road to recovery and the next its like you wake up with it all over again- its happened to me before too, not sure how that even works but just continually rest i suppose.

    xo, JJ


    1. I used to hate porridge! I know what you mean – I’m awful with mushy things so I have my porridge quite oaty if that makes any sense! I pop a lil bit of milk in with them and some water then pop it in the microwave for like 2:50 mins. Then I stir it and if it’s okay I put cacao powder, flaked coconut, raisins and hemp powder on it 🙂 xxx


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