Fitober Day #20

Another early start in London!

I had my usual small bowl of bran flakes and some water, then a long trip on the train to the big city. My train was delayed so when I eventually got to the office I had my porridge & a cuppa.

For 11am break, I had a biscuit – whoops – but I just go weak at the knees for a choccy digestive! At 12, I went out for lunch with my friend and her two year old, who is the most beautiful child ever! We went to nandos where I had a chicken pitta, spicy rice and salad – delicious. Of course I came back to the office and had my apple.

In the afternoon I ate the rest of my porridge, then hoped on the train home at half 4. When I eventually made it home I didn’t really have anything planned for myself for dinner – So I had left over wedges and cod!

I then later in the evening went on the exercise bike for 10km – as I had done relatively no exercise other than a lot of walking!

& then had a hot choccy!

Fran, X


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