Fitober Day #21

Another London day!

Had ma bran flakes, and off to the station I went… In the dark… so fun. When I got to work I had porridge – quite a big bowl cause I was starving for some reason… didn’t eat it all though… typical me. I had a cup of green tea at some point in the morning…can’t remember when!

11am tea break – I didn’t have anything actually!

Lunch, I went for my normal walk over to St Pauls for a lil mooch round the shops. I then came back and had a chicken and lettuce wrap and a mug shot thing (was trying to use up all the leftovers at home!) & an apple!

At 3:30 I made tea and finished my porridge then went home 😀

I really wanted to do some proper exercise tonight, but by the time I’d got home, put the washing on, been out to do the food shop, cooked dinner… I just wanted to snooze!

We had Spag bol for dinner – a fave of mine.

Fran, X



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