Fitober Day #23

To begin with, apologies! I completely missed yesterday, I just had no time to write anything!! I had a lovely day at the Bloggers Hub event, which there will be a post about soon.

Back to today, I stayed at my mum and dad’s last night so I bought all my breakfast ingredients with me from my house!! I had my porridge & a cuppa while watching KUWTK (my guilty pleasure).

I basically can not resist all the food at Mum and Dad’s so I then had a pear and some pringles as a mid morning (healthyish) snack haha.

For lunch I had a bagel because I love em… the onion and garlic one, just toasted with some butter on… heaven. To counteract the unhealthiness I had an apple as usual.

In the afternoon I had a cuppa and a brunch bar – mum’s obsessed with these.

I walked up to the local shop during the day – my only exercise whoops.

For dinner I went to Dan’s mums for a roast!…dreamy.

& bed, X



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