Puppies Week 2

This week has flown by, I didn’t get to see the puppies as much as I would have liked, but I facetimed them every night! (can’t resist). THEY’VE GOTTEN SO BIG.


Yesterday Lily opened her eyes for the first time, Leo is yet to open his. It must be such a strange feeling for them! She didn’t seem to know what was happening and couldn’t quite figure out what was what. She is still very reliant on her sense of smell to find her mum and brother.


They are both trying to walk, they manage about two steps then go back to shuffling around. I think this will probably get easier when they can see properly – but its just super cute atm. 

They are loving life with their Mum, Lexi sits with them pretty much all the time, they snooze together and everything. – super adorable. Both are still living off Lexi’s milk – they should be on proper food at about two and half to three weeks old!

Fran, X



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