Fitober Day #24

Another week of work!

Back to my usual walk round the duck pond before work, then porridge and about a litre of water. I was so thirsty this morning – I don’t know what was going on!

At 11am I had a cuppa & a banana – I completely resisted the urge to eat the m&s biscuits and biscuits someone had brought back from devon! – it was a challenge!

By lunch I was ravenous – but I made myself go for a half hour walk, then indulged in my quinoa, chicken, veg mix and an apple.

At 4pm I had a cuppa and the rest of my porridge, 5pm I went home & hopped on the exercise bike, I did a 15km HITT workout on it, followed by some squats, lunges, sit ups and push ups – got to get that toning in.

For dinner, I really can’t remember what the recipe called it, but it was some form of chicken, cream, cheese and pasta dash – super healthy obvs. I added a few vegetables to mine, one to add to the colour and two to feel like guilty!

Fran, X


2 thoughts on “Fitober Day #24”

  1. So is this all a specific diet you’re doing or is it more of a healthy choices and eating thing. I wish I could keep up with being good with what I eat in my day to day life. I just can’t resist when it comes to food lol

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