Fitober Day #25

I definitely had the worst start possible to fitober this morning! I felt so sick when I woke up… I usually feel sick, I’m not preggers… don’t woz.  So I helped myself to some apple & blackberry juice – who doesn’t love a sugar rush in the morning.

After this annoyingness, I went for my half hour walk followed by porridge and some green tea. Now I haven’t really mentioned this in fitober.. don’t know why.. but I keep getting bloated, the only meal I don’t get bloated at is brekkie… after that it all goes down hill. I’m not a 100% sure what it is, but its at its worst in the evenings… I’m usually in quite a lot of pain in the stomach area when I go to bed (it makes me feel sick too). I want to say this has been on and off for a while, I went to the doctors about a year and a half a go and was tested for allergies to gluten etc and they all came back normal… so I don’t really know what it is.

Anyway, swiftly moving on… I had a banana at 11, then at 1 I went for my routine half hour walk round town before delving into quinoa, chicken, veg followed by an apple.

At 4 I had my porridge & a cup of green tea… then home time came around. Again, I went on the exercise bike for 15km… really hurts your butt after a while! I did a HITT workout on it, followed by sit ups, lunges and squats.

For dinner, we had some sausage dish, with pasta and cheese – again super healthy…………. whoops.

Fran, X


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