20 Q’s Tag: Get to know lil old me.

Not the most imaginative I know, but I bloomin’ love to read these kinda posts.

So here we go…

  1. Name: Fran
  2. Age: 24
  3. Relationship Status: In a relationship, taken? don’t know the right work tbf.
  4. Piercings: Just ma ears
  5. Tatoos: Nada
  6. The meaning behind your URL: It’s got my surname in it… super imaginative
  7. What I hate most about myself: Ma thighs hah
  8. Birthday: 2nd April
  9. Fave Place: my parents house or le petit Trianon (there is a blog post on this)
  10. Fave colour: Orange
  11. Phone: iPhone
  12. What I love most about myself: I’m a funny gal
  13. Phobia: Spiders, the dark, being alone, bugs, scary films… everything really
  14. Favourite piece of clothing: Pyjamas everyyyyyytime.
  15. Siblings: 1 brother
  16. Pets: 2 dogs, one of which now has 2 puppies
  17. Fave food: choccy, crisps, italian… everything unhealthy
  18. What do you want from your blog: For people to enjoy what I write.
  19. Job: Admin/Graphic Designer
  20. A quote I like: Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Just thought I’d whack some images in for ya all.

Me & my bro: (clearly when we were lil)


Me & the Boyf:


My dog Louis: he is the absolute love of my life – mum & dad got him when I was in a bit of a hard place in life.. I just love him.


My dog Lexi: Mumma to the beautiful puppies I’ve been spamming you all with!


Thanks for reading!

Fran, X


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