Fitober Day #26

Today I went to London, I swapped my days so I could work nearer home on Friday – as a treat to maself haha.

So the norm, I had a lil bowl of bran flakes followed by a bowl of porridge when I got to the office & some green tea. I can only drink plain green tea or jasmine… I really dislike the flavoured ones!

I didn’t really eat then until lunch, where I went for my 45 mins walk over to St Pauls – I love that place for a mooch! Then I had half a tin of chili con carne, half a pack of microwave spicy rice, some veg and an apple. Can you tell I was using up whatever we had in our cupboards?!

I went to a meeting in the afternoon, so I ate a banana at about 3:30 before getting the train home.

We had Dan’s nan round for dinner, so any chance of exercise went out the window! I made chicken and brocili stir fry – it was delicious if I may say so. For pudding (we had to have a pudding – nans love pudding!) we had apple crumble and custard, one of my faves.

Fran, X


5 thoughts on “Fitober Day #26”

      1. Over in the US, Boston Mass to be exact! Ha quite far from London but I will get out there at some point in my life for a little vacation!- I suppose I should get my passport first though!

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      2. no its crazy! everyone i know is like how do you not have a passport?! I figure as soon as I plan a trip out of the country I’ll make the time to go get one haha sooner than later I hope!


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