Fitober Day #28


But we are back today.

So as you may have seen spammed all over my snapchat, insta, twitter.. I went to the Makeup Revolution/Freedom Makeup Halloween Party last night – it was a good’un. This is basically the reason why I didn’t post because I had no time! I will do a post or maybe even a video (crazy I know) about this event… so you can see what we got up to!

Today, I worked near home & not in London thank goodness. I didn’t walk round the duck pond this morning because I had to take some clothes back to sainsburies!… thought I would get it done in the morning when it’s not as busy. When I got to work I had some porridge and a cuppa as usual.

At 11pm I had a banana, but was still hungry so ate some more porridge! I also went for a walk to the shops.

At 1pm I went on lunch, which ofcourse meant a half hour walk around town… then back for some quinoa, chicken and veg followed by an apple!

At 4pm tea break I ate the rest of my porridge (about two mouthfuls!) and had a cuppa (Tetley green tea is the one).

5pm was home timeeeee, so I quickly did some chores, then went food shopping and came home to make fajitas.

Fran, X


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