First Bloggers Meet Up

Hi everyone,

So today I have a guest post for you, written by Lilly (The Life of Lilly) – she’s a babe, go and follow her. Insta: lillyblogs Twitter: @lillysrf

Last Saturday, I attended my first blogger event, run by The Bloggers Hub and Bloggers Who Brunch.


The day started early, I decided to get the train in to arrive around 11 so that I had time to grab lunch and take a cheeky trip to LUSH. I was also meeting up with the lovely Fran before the event. We had a quick whiz around Topshop (and couldn’t find the jeans section for ages) and then I introduced Fran to the wonders of LUSH. I bought a Pumpkin Bath Bomb and a Father Christmas Bath Bomb, as well as a bubble bar for my friend. I find it so hard not to spend loads of money in there, especially as I have a decent stock of Brightside bubble bars. (Well, my boyfriend has just discovered the stock so it may be less than I think by now!). I did manage to sniff a LUSH product and Fran had to point out I had white powder on my nose…it was a bath bomb, I promise!

After that we headed to Costa for some food (something light of course, wanted to save ourselves for the cupcakes after all!). Soon it was time to get going!

My first impression of the apartment was how much of a hipsters paradise it was. Gorgeous rugs, minimalist décor and succulents on the windowsills! We all sat in a room and got to know each other while the room was being set up, chatted about the kind of blogs we all write and about our journeys to Oxford Street. It was great to get to meet people with similar interests and everyone just seemed to get on like a house on fire.


As soon as the room was set up, we all flooded in and…took pictures. The only event where taking pictures of cupcakes and prosecco takes precedence over actually eating and drinking cupcakes and prosecco! There was an Instagram competition, and the prize was a goodie bag with make up and brushes, so everyone was after the perfect picture.

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I had! I met so many lovely people, and by the end of it I had almost lost my voice from talking.


Special mention goes to Fran for featuring me on her blog! It was wonderful meeting her, we’d spoken a fair amount before the day but nothing quite beats meeting in person – and now I can say I’ve got myself some blogger friends!


Thanks for reading!

Lilly x

Thanks so much to Lilly for writing this, we both had a great time.

Fran, X


5 thoughts on “First Bloggers Meet Up”

  1. wow that is so awesome!!! how did you find out about this blogger event/party. I’d love to find some around me, I just don’t know how or where to search to do it! The cupcakes we’re so cute! How fun!!!!

    xo, JJ


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