Fitober Day #30

I just love Sundays… especially when you get an extra hour in bed!

This I had my usual, porridge and a cuppa. We then finally went to the gym this morning – we have been so bad at managing to fit time in to go! So I was quite happy to go this morning. At the gym I did some cardio on the running machine, squats, butt kicks, lunges, sit ups, push ups and a few weight machines & stretches.

When we got back, the house has been in need of a ‘spring clean’ for a while, so we sorted all that out, went to the tip and cleaned out the shed.

Lunch time came around and I had an egg sandwich – it wasn’t big because I only like the yellow bit – so fussy. I had an apple with peanut butter for afters.

We went for a walk into town after because I wanted some bits for the house and just a general mooch & of course upon our return we had a cup of green tea each.

For dinner I made a cottage pie… I was quite impressed with myself! Never made one before but it was pretty yummy!

Fran, X


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