Fitober Day #31


Happy Halloween everyone!

I can’t say I went with the Halloween theme food wise at all today!

I went for a half hour walk this morning, followed by my porridge – I just love it. I had a decaf green tea at around half 9, followed by a banana at 11.

I went for lunch at 12 today, but before eating I went for about a 45 min walk around town, quite a pacey walk because I walked a bit far out before realising what the time was! This was followed by quinoa, chicken and veg – with loads of spinach (I’m trying to use it up before it goes off!) and an apple of course. For some reason I’ve really taken to cutting up my apples instead of eating them whole – no idea why!

At 4 I had a cuppa and some porridge – then went home!

Now, I did deliberate going to PC world to sort out my iPad but I just could not be bothered in the end! So instead I did a HITT workout on the bike for 15km and cooked some sausage, pasta, cheese, veg situation for dinner – was quite yummy actually.

& that is all for fitober folks! Safe to say I definitely started the month a lot better than I ended it! Looking back I’ve seen the odd apple crumble sneaking in here and there! But overall I don’t think its been too bad, and I’ve really enjoyed writing them.

Thank you everyone for taking you time to read and keep up with the series!

Fran, X


3 thoughts on “Fitober Day #31”

  1. lol, i love how you mentioned the apple crumble cake sneaking into your fitober….it’s hard to resist when it’s that time of the season but kudos to you for keeping up with the healthy lifestyle!!

    xo, JJ


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