Puppies Week #4

Firstly, Hello πŸ™‚ sorry I’ve been so MIA, life just completely got in the way of writing.

Sooo, the puppies are almost 4 weeks old and they are B E A utiful. Lord knows what I’ll be like when I have a child… because I just can’t resist taking pictures of them.







My absolute faves. They are about to move onto solid food soon and are moving out the spare room into the dining room… so everyone can play with them and loads of people can visit!

Until next time,

Fran, X



6 thoughts on “Puppies Week #4

    • apageofme02 says:

      Aww Thankyou! Yeah? What breed? πŸ™‚ I was thinking about doing one early next year! The puppies aren’t mine unfortunately they are at my parents house! But I go and see them a lot! Thankyou for your comment! Xxx


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