Lip Faves: Crowd Colour

Hello my lovely people,

Today I am talking all about lips.

I feel when it gets to the Autumn/Winter season’s people go nuts for a dark lip, understandably because they look beaut. However I’ve always been one of those people that sticks to a nude alllllll year round – I have a really small mouth…not that you’d notice cause I talk so much…so doing any really obvious bright/dark lip, to me feels like it just highlights ma small lips.

However, I recently came across Crowd Colour, ‘the home of personalised beauty’. What attracted me to their website were there Matte Liquid Lipsticks, as I had been dying to try one for ages! Crowd Colour allow you to personalise the tube with your logo for example, an image, text or pre set backgrounds.  You can also personalise your own eye shadow pallettes, allowing you to pop in whatever eye shadows you love the most… you basically do whatever you want.


To be honest, I wanted all the colours of the Liquid Lipstick, however I refrained and just got three…it was too far away from pay day to afford them all! 

Firstly, I purchased:

A Nude Lip – Shade 70o3


This is such a beautiful nude shade for me, really works well with my skin tone. I went for the words “it’s a nude kinda day” on mine, not the most original but hey ho! Out the 3 I got I found that this one definitely doesn’t last as long as the other two shades – maybe because its less of an obvious colour I don’t notice it as much!


A Red Lip – Shade 7009


I love love love this colour! Definitely my favourite and most worn one of the three. It’s such a perfect bright red and so easy to apply, the applicator of these liquid lipsticks are the perfect shape, they allow you the precision to line your lips and then fill them in. I found this colour lasted a long old time, obviously it wears off the more you eat and drink so you do have to re apply, but not as often as I thought would be needed. MissBeautyEmily also did a review of these products here (you can see her logo on the lipstick packaging above!) I completely love her blog so you should definitely check it out.


A Berry Lip – Shade 7009 “That Berry Tone”


My second fave, I bloomin’ love this. It’s honestly such a lovely berry tone with a bit of sparkly added in there. The smell is also pretty dreamy for all 3 along with the pigmentation, and again same lasting consistency as the red lip, stays on well. This particular colour I purchased as I saw it all over LexiLife’s insta, twitter & blog and it looked absolutely beaut on her, so I thought ‘hey, why not’. You can find her review here, again I love love love her blog, definitely worth popping over for a read!

A tip with the applicator… definitely scrape a little product off the applicator when you pull it out, as it can come out quite thick which makes it harder to apply.


All in all I’m really happy with all 3 shades, for the price, customer service and the product itself, you can’t really go wrong!

Fran, X


20 thoughts on “Lip Faves: Crowd Colour”

  1. I agree I’m typically a nude all year round kind of gal too mostly because M-F I work so I feel weird going to work with bright red lips. Although on the weekends I do tend to go wild with the red. I definitely want to try that, does it easily smudge? I’m so particular with reds just because it can get real messy real quick but the looks of the color, it looks like the kind of red I like. You should maybe think about showing swatches of them or show them on you! I’d love to see them!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. yeahh i was planning to do swatches, but the photos turned out awful… now that it gets dark so early i just couldn’t fit it in and i needed to get the post out! I mean edit some in soon though 🙂 thank you for your comments 🙂 no it lasted really well actually and didn’t smudge! do you have twitter? xx

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      1. oh boy, the election is crazy…I’m quite displeased with the results, not so much that it was a Republican that won but the man who is representing them and now ALL of America. Crazy & scary.

        But on a lighter note- yes i have a twitter 🙂


  2. These sound really cute and I love that you can customise them! I’m always worried about flakiness with lip products… did you find that at all with these? It might just be me and my dry skin haha. Love love love that classic shade of red xx


    1. The red one is probably the one ive worn most and for the longest and it didn’t flake at all! maybe just put a really moisturising lip balm on about 5 mins before you apply it? xxx


      1. Oooh I’m very tempted to buy this one now! Yeah that usually helps and then applying a thin coat over the top, but I usually leave getting ready so late that I’m rushing around and end up doing lipstick on my way haha. I like the plum ishhh colour as well – very autumn/wintery ☺️ xxx

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