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Women Empowerment; Arya Candles

Welcome back my lovely people.

Today I want to talk about a new candle brand Arya Candles.

Personally I love a candle, I love it even more when I know something I have purchased has so much love, meaning and passion behind it and gone in to it.


The Brand:

Arya Candles is run by a Mother Daughter duo who hand craft environmentally friendly rapeseed wax candles. It all started from returning home to a long lasting power cut and running out of candles, when the duo decided to melt the residue from old candles.. and voila they had light! The business that began as a hobby and has now turned into their own successful product.

One of the reasons why I personally love this brand is both Jenny and Lina are so passionate about empowering women worldwide. The company provides a vital life line for women in war torn countries and women empowerment. With every purchase made Arya Candles are able to provide and continue their support via Women for Women international, a charity helping women from war torn countries to gain knowledge, skills and support for a better life. With their success so far they have managed to help fund 8 women from war torn countries on a one year support programme.

The butterfly symbol for the Arya Candles brand represents the ripple effect of how the support they provide the Women for Women charity promotes the encouragement of women’s learning and how they will pass that on to their children and hence build stronger communities.

The Products:

All Arya Candles are made from sustainable sources and packaged using recyclable materials. All the fragrances are natural formed from essential oils for that more ‘real’ scent and of course the therapeutic benefits that come from essential oils.

Below are candles from their new range which will be available after Christmas, however if you go on their website now you can sign up to be the first to hear when they are available. The new range are designed for the luxury market with the gold making it a beautiful centrepiece for a home or fabulous gift. The green on the inner of the packaging is to represent the brands commitment to the environment, and all the artwork on the candles is drawn by Jenny herself.

Arya Candles

Arya Candles
The pink ‘wrap-around’ is Neroli, Ylang Ylang, & Lime (revitalising & uplifting):

Sweet, delicate Neroli with sensual ylang ylang and a burst of refreshing lime blends to create a sophisticated, floral scent. An excellent mood enhancer.
The orange/brown is Siberian Fit, Clove, & Orange (restorative & energising):

Siberian Fir embodies fresh forests with a subtle smokiness, lifted by sweet orange. Deep aromatic tones of spicy clove warms up your space, and your senses.

And the green is May Change, Geranium, & Rosewood (soothing & harmonising):

Sweet, delicate Neroli with sensual ylang ylang and a burst of refreshing lime blends to create a sophisticated, floral scent. An excellent mood enhancer.
Personally, I feel like this is such a lovely brand and I can not speak highly enough about the customer service and commitment of the owners. With the gorgeous packaging I think these would make great gifts for friend, or for yourself!
Thanks for reading,
Fran, X

4 thoughts on “Women Empowerment; Arya Candles”

  1. I love the little back story of the mother and daughter; honestly anything that helps empower wormen is great and so motivating, it’s so important to showcase what us women can do from little to big projects. Candles are a perfect example, and how suiting for this time of year!
    I’m sure they would be so happy and blessed to know that your an advocate for their brand!

    xo, JJ

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