Puppies Week #5

So the photos I uploaded last week, were actually ones I took the week before because very sadly I didn’t see the beautiful puppies last weekend.

This weekend however, oh my days I spent a million hours with them and bloomin’ loved it! They are so so so big its crazy – I mean I know puppies grow… but dear lord they are huge! I just have so much love for them… and my other two dogs obviously. They are all ma lil babies.

So here goes this week update, they are walking around like noone’s business/slightly hopping, falling, skipping everywhere. They have moved on to actual food which is lovely, they literally eat everything in sight… just like me.


Please can we all take a minute to appreciate this beautiful boy:


They are definitely playing with each other a lot more now which is adorable, even Lexi (the Mum) tries to play with them. They also wee all over the place… not a dream.


‘Please don’t shove the camera in my face.’


I just want to spend all my time with them!

Thanks for reading!

Fran, X



29 thoughts on “Puppies Week #5”

  1. OMG! I’m in LOVE with them all! Do you have names for any of them yet? The thought of the pups walking/hopping/falling down from their cute clumsy paws makes me melt!!!! #puppyfever

    xo, JJ

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  2. Aaah! My heart hurts looking at these adorable puppies. It reminds me of when I was a little, and we’d go to the SPCA just to cuddle puppies and kittens. I wish I had a bunch of puppies right about now. ❤

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