Puppies Week # 7

Welcome back my lovely people.

It makes me sad writing week 7, because in about 2 weeks one of our beautiful puppies is going to have to leave to go to a new home 😦 :(. I think it will genuinely break my heart when little Leo has to leave us, I have so much love for them both, losing one will be so sad. 😦 😦 😦 -> emphasising my sadness for you.

Here’s a few pics from the last couple weeks for you all:

They are eating proper food all the time now, spending less time with Mum, purely because you have to ween them off eventually! No matter how much they love their Mummy!

Both Leo and Lily love exploring in the garden, its super cute they just run and jump everywhere… usually getting stuck. However cute they look, let me tell you this… their teeth are not cute – such sharp, nippy teeth! They are both into trying to bite and chewΒ everything they set their eyes on, shoes, hair, cardboard, skin, toys… anything! – pretty easy to forgive though!


Apologies the images are so dark!


Fran, X


6 thoughts on “Puppies Week # 7”

  1. I literally stared and re-stared at all these pictures for a good 10 minutes, they are SO darling. How sad that one of them has to go, but I’m sure they will enter a home full of love….i mean really how can they not love those cute little faces. I want to jump in your pictures and play with them lol

    xo, JJ

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