Review; Bare Minerals

Welcome back you lovely people, today I am discussing all things Bare Minerals.


Up until recently, I had never tried anything fromm Bare Minerals… obviously I had heard a lot about the brand but never gone that step further and actually made a purchase! (mainly because I never have any monies).

However a few weekends ago I went to the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds with my soon to be Sister-in-Law for a little mooch around. As soon as I had mentioned I was debating a Bare Minerals powder purchase, before I knew it we were both sat down having our makeup taken off, skin cleansed and make up reapplied by the beautiful Bare Minerals Ladies – I was loving life. To be honest, I was really impressed with all the products they used on my skin, mainly the Skin Longevity Serum (which I included in my Christmas wishlist) it just made my skin so soft.

The other item I fell in love with was the Bare Minerals Original (the powder). I still can’t get over how well it melts into my skin and looks so natural. On opening the pot, tap a little product into the lid (I emphasise a little bit because that is genuinely all you need) then swirl your brush around the lid to warm up the powder and tap off any excess.


NB: Before applying the foundation, I make sure I have cleansed, moisturised and popped on a primer of some sort (tip: sun cream makes a really good primer).

To apply this foundation I use the Real Techniques buffing brush, I have had this for ages and I’m still in love with it. It works super well with the Bare Minerals powders as it is a flat topped brush so makes it easy to get the product on the brush. I tend to just swirl the brush over one half of my face, making sure all the product has melted into my skin, then go back to the pot to do the other half of my face.

I’m not a 100% sure why I apply to one half of my face, then the other… just seems to work for me so I’m gunna stick with it. I am really enjoying using this foundation at the moment, I wore it everyday while in Rome and it lasted pretty well. I would say its a medium coverage, I by no means have the best or worst skin in the world, so for me it pretty much covers everything up. I do obviously still go in with a concealer etc… gotta get rid of those under eye bags!


Within the starter kit you also receive a bronzer called ‘warmth’… this is a beautiful product. I love this for a contour, using my real techniques contour brush I do exactly the same as with the foundation, tap a little into the lid and you are good to go. As I use this to contour I pop it in al the normal spots, then if I want a really bronzed look I go over with a big fluffy brush and bronzer.

Im just bloomin’ in love with it all.

I must however stop buying myself presents, and think about my friends and fam!

Fran, X


25 thoughts on “Review; Bare Minerals”

    1. Yeah I know what you mean! They actually have other foundations not just the original powder you could try! It’s not too light though actually! Gives me a good coverage – think I need a darker shade though! Thankyou so much! Xxx

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  1. I have the bare minerals original powder too! I love it bc it’s light & easy — I am not big into make up at all lol — but I think i will look up the brush you mentioned bc mine is not flat on the bottom and i think that would work better!

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  2. I love any powder products it literally lasts forever. I haven’t tried Bare Mineral products yet either (can’t believe I haven’t) but I’m sold on the powder you mentioned on here. What was the price range for the product? Also the bronzer looks like it’d be good, is there shimmer to it or is it more matte? I’m for sure in need of bronzer this time of year my poor skin is losing its tan lol

    xo, JJ


    1. Erm i think it was £29? for the set, if you click on the link it should show you what was in it. i got 2 foundations, a brush, primer, bronzer, and mineral veil which is setting powder. Erm i don’t know tbh! I’ll have to go and have a look for you haha. what time is it where you are? oh my tan’s long gone! xxx

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      1. Right now the time is 1:16PM but I’m not sure how we can compare time differences unless you read the comment as soon as I send it! lol

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  3. The powder seems so lovely, wish I had ordered it as one of my Feel Unique samples to test it out! I don’t like wearing foundation so this seems like a really nice alternative ☺️ I’ve never thought of using suncream as a primer so thank you for the tip! xx

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  4. I haven’t tried any bare minerals products before!! This has definitley made me more interested though! I’m a bit scared of powders, they can sometimes define my fine lines!!!

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  5. Great post!! I’ve wanted to try their products for a while now but I’ve never been Brave enough or had the funds to do it! This might be what I need to kick-start my purchasing 😉 lovely blog btw, so glad I found it! 💞

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