November; What I have loved.

Welcome back my lovely people,

Today I am talking about items I have been loving, using all the time and general throwing in my handbag through out the month of November.

So, I don’t really buy a lot a new things… mainly because my bank account can’t handle it…so I tend to stop myself from going shopping! But seeing as it’s almost Christmas.. I have stupidly been buying myself more presents than other people!

Here goes…


Bare Minerals Foundation – I did a review post of this last week, but it has completely been my go to foundation for the whole month and I love it.


French Connection Backpack – Prior to Rome I purchased this beautiful black faux leather back pack from Asos purely for the trip. It is a super handy airport bag as you still have your hands free to drag your suitcase a long and is a lot bigger inside than expected! You can fit a whole lotta food in there…lemme tell ya that.


Asos Houndstooth Print Scarf – oh my days I love this scarf, I wear it non stop. It’s super big so when I’ve been cold at work I have been using it as a shall/wrap around type situation. As it’s monochrome it goes with pretty much anything, plus I basically only wear black, white and grey – so ideal for me!


Psych – Oh my days I love this TV series. It’s an old (ish) American murder mystery/comedy TV series about a ‘psychic’ detective and his pals. I love it so so so much, its super funny and I am completely roped in to the on going story lines which carry on through out each series.


Green Tea – I have a post coming up soon all about tea, but I’ve basically been reaching for green tea the last few months and I love it.


Adidas Superstars – I know the world and his wife have a pair of these trainers, and I can see why. They are super comfy, definitely saved my feet from blisters in Rome! I have owned my pair for about 6 months now and can not recommend them enough


Red Lipstick – No idea where this has come from, but I’m going through a big ‘I love a Red Lip’ stage.


Lip Products – Along with a red lip, I have just been really enjoying experimenting with colours and lip liners also.


Twitter – I just thought I should include this, because as many of you know I. just. love. twitter. I can’t resist going on it allllll the time, its my bae.


WWE – Might come as a surprise to many of you, but I’ve always been a big wrestling fan. Mainly because my brother and I used to watch it when we were younger – he got me hooked basically. I was never allowed to stay up late to watch it, so it kinda became one of those things I couldn’t have so of course I really wanted it.

& that’s all for this month!

Hope you enjoyed,

Fran, X


11 thoughts on “November; What I have loved.”

    1. WHY HAVE WE NOT MET EACHOTHER YET!!! We’re like the perfect match haha. Thank you, i do love the backpack 🙂 yes you’d love psych! yes i’ve just read and commented on it! AMAZING!!! you & your family are so so so cute! xxxx

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