Review; Cake Toppers

Welcome back my lovely people & welcome to a world of cake.
Everyone love’s a bit of cake every now and then… even more so when it’s got a sprinkle of personalisation added. I have collaborated with Cake Toppers to produce these beautiful ‘apageofme’ cupcakes… and because I love stars, 2 star cupcakes.


These are the first items I have been given with my new logo on, so to actually see it printed made me quite proud and left me wanting to build ‘apageofme’ even more!

As the company are quite local to me I went and picked up the cup cakes from the workshop… and came back with these beauties.


I received 2 chocolate sponge and 2 original sponge cakes, with chocolate and plain icing on top and then the icing topper. I love love love chocolate cake.. so I went for that one first & was not disappointed!


dsc08621Both sponges to be completely honest were nice and ‘moist’ – a beautiful word! The chocolate sponge had slightly more taste to it than the original, but the original one definitely had a sweet undertone to it. The icing was dreamy on both cakes… yummy.



I was super happy with the ‘cake toppers’ as I said I have never had my new logo on anything before – so it was really nice to see it printed! They did a good job with popping it right on the centre of the cake, and keeping the black writing a real black colour while not letting it fade/leak into the white.
Would I buy something from them:

Definitely, I think personalised cakes make such a good Birthday/Christmas present. Everyone loves to know a bit of thought has gone into a present and this is the perfect way to show it. I would also highly recommend the cupcakes for children’s parties, weddings, christenings etc… to add an extra touch to a special day.


Here is a link to their Christmas cupcakes and Christmas cakes for you to take a look  at, I’m considering getting some for my work pals!

Hope you enjoyed!

Fran, X



14 thoughts on “Review; Cake Toppers”

      1. Aw it must have been so exciting! Guess what? I almost, almost went to the Winch Christmas market today! In the end, I realised I needed the shops of West Quay more haha 😔 fingers crossed soon before it finishes! And hope you’re well too! 💕 xx


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