Review; Remescar Medmetics

Welcome back my lovely people, today I’m talking about under eye circles – ya know those beaut slightly black patches we get under our eyes!

This is a review of the Remescar Medmetics – Eye Bags & Dark Circles.

The Product:


The cream is essentially aimed at banishing under eye bags/dark circles… which none wants… with a single application each day. With a unique mix of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex the cream targets strengthening/tightening the skin and decreasing the accumulation of fluid. It is also quoted to reduce puffiness… which I personally have never suffered from too much… I’m more of a black eyes panda situation when I wake up – so my under eye’s were definitely ready for this cream!



For the last 4 weeks I have been applying a grain of rice sized amount of product to my under eyes before bed (as this is the only time I remember). I apply it right in the corners first and then use a gentle sweeping motion to effectively blend it out under my eye.

To begin with I honestly felt like it wasn’t making a huge difference. On the directions it says try not the move your face to much / make any expressions after application. About 2 minutes after applying I found I couldn’t really make many expressions even if I wanted to as the cream had that same effect as a face mask… you can’t move! You do get used to this feeling after a while, and to be honest I didn’t really notice it near the end of my 3rd week.


In all honesty, I have been trying to eat a lot healthier this month also, so I’m not sure if its the cream, the better diet or the increase in sleep, but something has definitely helped my under eyes!

In the mornings my eyes have definitely had less of  a dark circle than usual… it wasn’t until about week 3 however that I started noticing this!

(Just a little side not – all my photo’s I took of my progress for this cream were on a completely different camera to my usual one and the memory card corrupted. Hence the no images which I’m super sorry about!)

Fran, X





2 thoughts on “Review; Remescar Medmetics”

  1. Ah I’m such a sucker for eye creams, anything to lessen the bags and dark circles, its definitely discouraging when it takes 3 weeks to notice a difference but I guess with most eye creams I’ve used it usually took up to 3ish weeks for me to really see the reduction in dark circles and such…Id say if its worth your while, I’d keep using it to see if it gets increasingly better.

    xo, JJ

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